The $28 dollar nail polish you should buy. Today. Like now:)

Who spends $100 on 3 bottles of nail polish? I mean thats crazy, right?

Well, I was questioning my sanity last month during Neiman Marcus’ beauty week when I bought the new Chanel Gel coat and 2 colors  – they were beautiful colors, but good lord they were spendy.

The issue, you see, is that I was desperate. After using Shallac for the better part of the last 3 years, and subsequently peeling said Shallac off my nails when it started to lift in the least little bit, my nails were in shambles. Terrible shambles, splitting down to the quick and looking shabby.

I tell you this to justify my original purchase, lest you think I’m a crazy person.

But back to this nail polish and why you should go get it. Right now. As a friend of mine said when I clued her into the Chanel Gel secret “All those gel topcoats are bullshit.’ Preach it girl, yes they are- until now.

Normally, whether I paint my nails or go to the salon, regular polish lasts about one and a half days on me before chipping. Even with a ‘gel’ topcoat I can’t get more than a couple of days without looking ratty.

With my new expensive gel polish I have done a little experiment and here are the numbers:

Chanel Gel Coat + Chanel Polish = Removed after 8 days because I was tired of the color

Chanel Gel Coat +Essie Gel Polish = Minor chips after 4 days, fixed with another cost of color, total wear 6 days.

Chanel Gel Coat + Sally Hansen Diamond Wear = Minor Chips after 3 days, fixed with another coat of color, total wear 5 days.

Chanel Gel

So good news/bad news? Chanel + Chanel lasts twice as long – even for me and I am soooooooo rough on my hands.

But before you say, “Dana, you are out of your mind!, I’m not paying $60 for 2 bottles of nail polish.” Let’s do some math. $60 /10 manicures = $6 and thats a steal.

Also, have you SEEN Chanel’s colors, they are amazing;)

Now, some of you may be thinking “But it’s so relaxing getting a manicure.” Well, then this may not be for you, by all means I support ‘treat yoself’ and if you destress by going to get a manicure you should totally do it.

However, if you are like me and dread having to spend an hour at the salon while you could be multitasking like a boss, then you should definitely try this magic polish.

Hope you love the it – let me know you experience in the comments below!

xx- Dana

PS: I still have to go get pedicures, because the ability to clip my toes nails and not totally jack them up alludes me;)





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