Winning Spring Party Recipes!

Hi everyone!

The Schoonovers just love to throw a party and while our boys are little enough to enjoy it, an Easter party is always so much fun! The boys get to invite some friends, and absolutely LOVE hunting for Easter eggs- every year we try to keep in small, but somehow that never happens, this year we had 70:).

A couple of recipes from this year’s fete were real winners and I had several requests to write them down, so here you go.

Since the attendees are mainly friends of our sons’, most partygoers are kiddos, but for the adults we like to have a special cocktail. This year’s drink was called the Peep Rita, and tequila-which I’m really into these days- was the star of the show, topped with a bunny Peep!(last year it was ‘The Cottontail’ and involved cotton candy, but that’s another post!) Here are the ingredients and ratios:

3 parts tequila

2 parts triple sec

1 part fresh lime juice

1.5 parts cream soda

.5 parts jaliska (I’m totally spelling this wrong – it’s the Mexican soda) fruit punch

1 bunny Peep

*we dyed kosher salt green and salted the rim of a coupe champagne glass

Peep Rita

It think this cocktail would be perfect for any Spring event, think edible flower instead of bunny Peep!

Ok, next is the easiest and most impressive looking salad I make. I need a new name because ‘Asparagus Salad’ is just so ho hum, and doesn’t do this salad justice! Everyone LOVED this salad and  I”m sorry to say these measurements are not precise  – major character flaw: I’m one of those people who like to go ‘off script’ when I’m cooking, sorry about that. But, literally, this is so easy you won’t have a problem:) Here are the ingredients:


Cheery Tomatoes (any tomato will do, I just like the way these look)

Blue Cheese crumbles

Olive oil

Kosher salt

Juice from one lemon (sometimes I’m precise)

Just blanch the asparagus, drizzle with olive oil and salt and let cool to room temp (or really whatever- this salad is really good cold or warm as well) then top with tomatoes, blue cheese and lemon juice. How easy is that?!?!?, but your friends will love you if you bring this to a party!

Asparagus Salad

Alright, now go throw a party! And be sure to invite me!



PS: if you make either of these or have a fabulous recipe for me, I would love to hear it -put it in the comments below!






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